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The Road Theatre Company

NOHO Senior Arts Colony is the new home for a second theatre for the professional Road Theatre Company. Patrons enter through a separate ground floor street entrance which is separated from the community, providing privacy for the NOHO Senior Arts Colony residents.

Several members of the Road Theatre Company have already decided to become residents at NOHO Senior Arts Colony. They will be able to walk to work on many days, as well as share their professional passion for theatre with their neighbors at the Arts Colony.

Since the Road was founded in 1991, we have built a reputation for supporting, nurturing, and presenting new works. We are also deeply invested in our NOHO community and the neighborhood’s revitalization, and involve ourselves in community service and educational outreach.

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It Is Our Mission To: Close

  • Support world, American and West Coast premieres of theatrical works which introduce new voices and new thoughts to the American stage.
  • Introduce younger audiences to the world of theatre through our mainstage productions, workshops and our free weekly reading series
  • Further establish our resident company as a leader and champion of new works in Los Angeles and the nation.

We believe it is essential for the health of the American ethos to advance the larger theatrical conversation of our national culture. Through this dialogue we animate and inspire both our artists and audiences with the realization that through art and action we are lifted into the searching of soul, the revelation of humanity, the awareness that we are not alone and the struggle to make sense of our existence on this earth - as it is and as we wish it to be.

Writing Submissions Close

The Road Theatre Company is dedicated to nurturing new theatrical works and is happy to accept unsolicited new play submissions.

All submissions go through our reading committee and then, if further interest is generated, may be read in our Free Monday "Road Signs" Reading Series. Main Stage and Off-Road productions are often generated from interest generated through the reading series. The Road generally produces World and West Coast Premieres only, although we will occasionally consider other material. Please see our mission statement for the kind of work we produce.

All submissions should be sent to our Literary Committee at:

Hard copy submissions are not accepted. To submit a play, please email the following:

  • full contact info & a bio of the playwright
  • a synopsis of the play
  • a character breakdown
  • the first ten pages of the script
  • production history (including reviews, flyers, photos, etc.)

Submissions not meeting these criteria will not be considered.

We receive a great many submissions so our response time will vary. We will attempt to respond within 60 days.

Actor Submissions Close

If you are interested in submitting to The Road for consideration into the ensemble, please email New Members Coordinator Albie Selznick with the following:

  1. name and date you're applying in the subject line
  2. referral name, if applicable
  3. current headshot
  4. resume
  5. age range
  6. name of show, if we contacted you after a performance
  7. names of other local theaters you are a member of and how long
  8. skills you would bring to the company outside of acting
  9. why you are interested in becoming a member of the Road

After submitting you will receive an email confirmation within about 30 days. You will also receive a response about a month prior to auditions with your appointment time and notes on what to prepare.

Auditions are held every 6 months. The next round of auditions will be February 2013.

For further information about the theatre company, its offerings, its members and its upcoming plays, please visit