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"The idea of being among people like myself, to have a shared community, to continue to reside in the North Hollywood/Studio City area is ideal"

— Simon  -resident director, producer, playwright since 1993

"Your project, NOHO Senior Arts Colony is a great concept and sounds Heaven sent. To live among other senior citizens to share ideas with discuss projects with creative people would be most desirable and inspiring."

— Tony  -writer

"I would like to live once again in North Hollywood/NOHO where my creative juices flowed so freely and brought me such joy. I need an artistic environment to continue my own personal work and look forward to further honing skills that have been left dormant for quite a while."

— Caroline  -poet, collage artist, teacher

"Now that I am on my own, I want more than anything else to keep the feeling of belonging to a creative family and community alive. In a wonderful place such as NOHO Senior Arts Colony I know I will find a home where I can receive that gift and contribute to others who thrive around the energy of performing and creating. Just as my career has been, performing is more than something I do; it is a passion I live."

— Sheila  -actor for 50+ years