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Lake it up: Things to enjoy at Big Bear

July 31st, 2022

big bear lake NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

Life in Southern California gives you access to so much nature! One of our favorite places at NoHo Senior Arts Colony is Big Bear. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy fresh air, clear skies, and incredible scenery. When was the last time you took a weekend getaway or vacation? Big Bear is a perfect spot to do both. A change of scene is definitely good for the soul, and there’s so much to enjoy in Big Bear. Check out fun things to do in the area including zipline tours, hiking trails, lakeside adventures, biking paths, great local eateries, and more. Be sure to send us a postcard and have a great time!

The power of baby steps to reach new goals

July 28th, 2022

Senior thinking and holding coffee NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

The word ‘goal’ has a lot of inferences to it. Sometimes it can seem downright intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. By breaking things down in baby steps. So much can be achieved. You’ll see. Here are some tips to help be more confident in achieving your make goals. Doing some soul searching and brainstorming ahead of time can help you relax and focus on choosing your goals and, more importantly, your motivation. Write down your ideas to keep track of them. Tiny Buddha also has some handy tips to help you with a new goal or project. And we believe in you too! NoHo Senior Arts Colony is not only a great place to live well but a place where you can continue to find new interests and achieve new goals.

Independent as ever: life at NoHo Senior Arts Colony

July 25th, 2022

noho 080913

You’re free-spirited and have an active lifestyle. Nothing stops you from enjoying life to the absolute fullest. If this sounds like you, then you should move to NoHo Senior Arts Colony in North Hollywood. We are a unique and vibrant senior apartment community for those 62+. Not only do we have spacious apartments with modern finishes and features, but we’ve also got incredible and inspiring amenities. Do you have to be an artist to live here? Absolutely not. But we know you’re going to love the creative vibe here. We offer free classes in a wide variety of subjects to keep you active in life. There are also healthy and state-of-the-art amenities like our fitness center and a sparkling pool to get your body moving. Plus, our community is close to great shopping, dining, entertainment, Southern California outdoor recreation, and so much more. Apply online now and see what we have to offer. Contact us today for a personal tour.

Nom nom nom: Emmy NOMinated shows worth a watch

July 22nd, 2022

happy seniors watching TV NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

The caliber and variety of shows to watch on tv and streaming services are greater than ever before. And when shows are Emmy nominated, you know they’ve got the goods. Here’s a quick look at the industry-recognized shows that are getting attention and worth a watch. And if you’re like us at NoHo Senior Arts Colony, you love tv and all the creativity that goes into it. If you’re looking for comedies, check out Abbott Elementary, Hacks with Emmy legend Jean Smart, Only Murders In The Buildering with Steve Martin and Martin Short, What We Do In The Shadows, and Ted Lasso. If you’re looking for something with more drama and intrigue, there are great choices too. Try The Staircase, Succession, Severance, and Scenes From A Marriage. If you’re looking for nail-biting, intense, on-the-edge shows, Squid Game and Stranger Things are perfect.

Life in progress: Is going back to school for you

July 19th, 2022

senior back to school NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

Lifelong learning is important to keep our minds fresh and maintain our curiosity about the world. It’s part of our daily lives. But are you looking for a deeper dive? Then going back to school may be for you. Let’s look at the advantages for seniors going back to school. There are plenty of extension courses run by acclaimed universities and colleges such as UCLA to give you a taste of more structured learning. In addition, many college courses are taught online, which makes things even more convenient. Community colleges are also a convenient way to pursue learning something new, and the cost is economical. They have a variety of programs and AA degree paths to help you reach new heights in learning achievement. Pursuing more education is a popular way to achieve more purpose in life due to the structure and goal-oriented focus. Whichever path you decide, lifelong learning is always a smart way to go. NoHo Senior Arts Colony also has a variety of free classes with our EngAGE program too taught right here. So be sure to see what interests you!

How much screen time is too much?

July 15th, 2022

cell phone and laptop computer NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

Technology has come leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. Gadgets make our lives so much easier. Laptop computers, tablet devices, and cell phones are how we all live and communicate 24/7. But they can lead to excessive “screen time.” Screen time is how much time you spend on websites, apps, and more. Like everything, it’s important to put those devices down and use them in moderation. Admittingly, they are highly addicted. But it’s important to have a life outside your devices to maintain relationships, be in the world, stretch your legs, feel centered, and enjoy the abundance of luxurious amenities at NoHo Senior Arts Colony. TIME’s article is a great resource to help you determine of your screen time is taking up too much of your time, especially near bedtime.

Location fascination: NoHo Senior Arts Colony is close to everything

July 12th, 2022

stage front at NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

As humans, we connect to places. Ones that intrigue us. Ones that challenge us. Ones that make us feel right at home as we connect to places. Ones that intrigue us. Ones that challenge us. Ones that make us feel right at home. Southern California is close to many peoples’ hearts. At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we adore the Los Angeles area. And North Hollywood in particular. That’s why we chose it as the location of our independent senior apartment community. North Hollywood has a creative atmosphere that jives with our outlook on life. If you’re new to the area, we’ve got just the thing to help you get instantly acclimated. The NoHo Senior Arts Colony Interactive Vicinity Map is a fast and easy way to discover dining, shopping, parks, recreation, resources, and more. It’s nice and organized and here for you online 24/7. Explore away any time of the night and day. 

Sun tips: How to protect yourself during the summer

July 9th, 2022

seniors wearing sunglasses NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

Southern California is all about fun in the sun but it’s really important to make sure you are protecting your skin and eyes too. At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we care about your health and well-being in every way. The sun is very bright, and it doesn’t take long to get sunburned if you’re not careful. Here are some handy tips to help you enjoy sunny weather better. You’ve heard it a thousand times, but wearing sunscreen is important. Luckily sunscreen comes in all kinds of forms, including sprays, lotion, and strengths. And they are widely available pretty much at every store. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself even more. Besides looking cool, they will help keep you cooler. Pick summer clothes that are more breathable and appropriate for the season, like cotton shorts, skirts, lightweight shirts, etc. Another easy tip is to find shade wherever you are. If you at a restaurant dining al fresco, sit at the area of the table that gets the most shade. Also, if you like taking walks, perhaps take them very early in the morning and towards sunset when it’s more comfortable outside. Make sure to always bring a bottle of water with you. For more sun protection tips, try this CDC link.

Art Deco: an art movement that’s here to stay

July 6th, 2022

Art deco style NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

You’ve seen this signature look in the movies The Great Gatsby, Midnight in Paris, movie and musical Chicago, The Artist, and many more. Art Deco is an art and design style that has stood the test of time with its love of simple geometric shapes, solid colors, and repeated lines. Color palettes range from soft pastels to shimmering gold and ebony black. It conjures up the beauty of jazz music. It all works together for a look of sophistication that’s easy to achieve. HGTV has some easy-to-implement ideas to bring touches of art deco into your apartment at NoHo Senior Arts Colony.

Ohhhh. Awwwww. Wowww. Where to watch July 4th fireworks on TV

July 2nd, 2022

fireworks display NoHo Senior Arts Colony

Three-day weekends are the best. And this Fourth of July weekend should be no exception. If you don’t feel like schlepping around to see a fireworks display, no worries. There are amazing and inspiring fireworks displays that will be televised. So you can fully relax and be home and enjoy the show right from your couch! Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular will be on NBC (Ch4) and Peacock. Macy’s always knows how to do up holidays right! A CAPITOL FOURTHon PBS is America’s longest-running live national Independence Day TV tradition from Washington DC. If seeing fireworks displays in person is more your thing, KTLA has a link for displays in L.A., Orange, and San Bernardino Counties. From everyone at NoHo Senior Arts Colony, have a safe and happy holiday!

How to help keep your pets calm during July Fourth

July 1st, 2022

senior woman and dog on couch NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

While holidays are great for us, some holidays can be very stressful for our pets. This is specifically true for the Fourth of July which includes a proliferation of loud fireworks set off in the streets leading up to the days and nights of July Fourth. Dogs and cats have much more sensitive hearing than humans do and can pick up higher frequencies. The professional fireworks displays presented by cities celebrate the holiday safely. But, what can we do for our scared and stressed-out pets? NoHo Senior Arts Colony is a pet-friendly apartment community and we care very much about the emotional well-being of our furry loved ones. We found some tips to help prepare ahead of time to minimize anxiety. First, check with your veterinarian. They are the experts and will be happy to answer any questions and provided guidance. Consumer Reports and The Dodo have ideas to help your pets feel less anxious.

Get it done! The power of the to-do list

June 30th, 2022

man writing on notepad NoHo Senior Arts Colony

We all have tasks to start or finish. And we all know the to-do list. We’re here to remind you of the empowering feeling of creating a daily to-do list and the satisfaction when completing it. Instead of keeping the list in your head, write it down or use the notes function on your smartphone to write it down. It’s an easy way to stay organized every day. And it’s such a good feeling to cross items off your list when completed. Sometimes it’s recommended to do unwanted tasks first thing in the morning. This makes sense because getting it done early will free your mind from having to think about it. Then you can focus on other items. And be sure to give yourself a reward for tackling that task in the form of a fresh cup of coffee, calling a friend, or petting your cat/dog. The list doesn’t have to be long. As long as you make one every day, it will keep you focused and motivated. This sense of accomplishment is very good for well-being. Then you can have more free time to enjoy the resort-inspired amenities at NoHo Senior Arts Colony. Learn more about the to-do list strategies now.

But is it art? How to be creative & confident

June 27th, 2022

Senior artists outiside NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

There is a misconception that only artists are creative. At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we know that everyone is creative. And everyone can enjoy making art no matter what skill level. Here are some tips to help you free your creative spirit. First, creativity is about expression. No one can express your dreams and feelings like you. So, when you make art from your heart and soul, it’s perfect. You don’t have to do realistic interpretations of your subject matter unless you want to. The point is to express yourself. It’s also about enjoying the process. Pop artist Andy Warhol was a big believer in making art whether it’s “good” art or “bad” art. He was just about making art. We love that liberating attitude. Creating art is often a tranquil process that lets you focus and forget about the cares of the world for a while. It’s great self-care. Creativity is about curiosity and experimentation. Finding the right medium for you, whether it’s oils, collage, watercolors, pen and ink, etc., is half the fun. Did you know that we offer free classes in a wide variety of areas to help you discover new talents or refine existing ones? We do! Here are some more tips about creative confidence.   

Pink’s is back!

June 24th, 2022

hot dogs NoHo Senior Arts Colony June 2022

Local favorite Pink’s Hot Dogs is back and serving up those fresh hot dogs for hungry Angelinos. Since 1939, Pink’s has been a treasured and popular Hollywood landmark. From regular folks to celebrities to chefs to tourists, Pink’s has been a favorite for multiple decades. They are known for their unique hot dog-shaped building and their endless variety of curated hot dog combinations. Enjoy classic dogs like chili dogs. Chili cheese dogs and Chicago Polish Dogs or leave your hot dog comfort zones and try some unique culinary dogs such as Pink’s Guajajara Dog with jalapeno peppers, 9” Hollywood Walk of Fame Dog, Pastrami Reuben Dog, Philly Cheesecake Dogs, LA Chargers Dog, and the list goes on and on. Pink’s is located at 709 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles CA 90038. At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we love all the local and iconic businesses in the Southern California area. Let us know which hot dog is your favorite at Pink’s!

Take the first step to an exciting new life. Apply now for NoHo Senior Arts Colony!

June 21st, 2022

art classroom NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

Whether you are rightsizing or downsizing, looking for a more like-minded atmosphere, or just need a change, NoHo Senior Arts Colony is a fabulous place to call home! Our 62+ independent senior apartment community is very welcoming, active, and full of life. You don’t even need to be an artist to live here. But we bet once you’re here you will surely be inspired. From spacious apartment residences with designer finishes and features to resort-inspired amenities, your world will be better than ever. Our location in North Hollywood is close to the thriving art, culinary, and entertainment scenes here. There’s always something fun to see and do. And that is what your carefree life at NoHo Senior Arts Colony can be about. We’d love to speak with you more about our beautiful community. We’ve got self-guided, virtual, and in-person tours so you can get a sense of the vibe here. Apply online now to begin this exciting new chapter in your life.

What is Juneteenth?

June 17th, 2022

Celebrate Juneteenth text NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

Freedom is something to be celebrated. And Juneteenth is a National Holiday to celebrate the emancipation proclamation freeing all slaves in the United States in 1863. But the message did not reach some southern states like Texas until June 19th, 1865. It was then that June 19th became Juneteenth. It is considered an additional independence day. It is honored across the country and around the world with joy, celebration, and appreciation. Learn more about Juneteenth now. On behalf of everyone at NoHo Senior Arts Colony, have a wonderful and safe Juneteenth!

True colors: the legacy of Pride month

June 13th, 2022

rainbow hearts pride month NoHo Smior Arts Colony

Going all the way back to the 1970s. PRIDE is more than a movement or a celebration, it is inclusion, recognition, and momentum for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, families, and friends. They have fought hard and diligently for many decades to be who they are. Isn’t what we all want out of life?! To be who we are. At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we support the LGBTQ+ community and the happiness and joy they share. Their contributions to art, film, music, tv, journalism, architecture, medicine, science, the military, government, and every other category in life has made and continues to make a huge difference. Here’s to a wonderful PRIDE MONTH where love is love.  

Julia Child: Proof that it’s never too late to follow your passions

June 5th, 2022

woman rolling dough NoHo Senior Arts Colony

It’s always a good time to follow your passions! There is no age limit. Inspiration finds us all throughout our lives, tugging at us to do what we love. NoHo Senior Arts Colony is the perfect setting to fine-tune your passions or create new ones. One of our favorite examples of “late-in-life” success is tv icon & pioneer, world-renowned chef, army veteran, author, and absolute legend Julia Child. She only began cooking when she got married in the 1940s. In 1948, her husband got a job located in France. Little did Julia know that would change her life in so many ways. She loved French food so much that she enrolled in a prestigious French cooking school. Then she wrote books and moved back to the states. Destiny truly found her when got her joy-filled PBS cooking show “The French Chef,” which became a worldwide sensation — all in her mid-50s! He success continued to grow for the rest of her life, and she inspires new generations to culinary greatness today. Learn more about Julia here.

It’s Gemini season. Learn more about this astrological sign.

June 2nd, 2022

hand and hand water reflection NoHo Senior Arts Colony

Astrology is a fun way to learn more about your personality. So many of us check our daily horoscopes just for fun. June is Gemini time so let’s find out more about this sign. It’s been said that Geminis are “two-faced,” but what Geminis actually are is a perfect balance of extrovert and introvert. They are often social and gregarious but also like time to themselves to recalibrate and do some soul searching. Geminis are often very smart, expressive, creative, playful, and adventurous. They need a variety of stimulation to keep their curious and active minds going. Loyalty and adaptable, Geminis are good friends and able to roll with the spontaneity of life’s twists and turns. What to know about your astrology sign? Go to At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we love all the signs. It’s variety that makes life more interesting!

The ultimate staycation: amenities at NoHo Senior Arts Colony

June 2nd, 2022

sunny patio table and umbrella NoHo Senior Arts Colony

Summer is the time for vacations. But many times, it’s great to avoid all the hustle and bustle of the airport and travel expenses and opt for an easy staycation at home at NoHo Senior Arts Colony. Here you can enjoy our sparkling pool area where you can take a refreshing dip, start reading a new book from the New York Times best-seller list, or bask in actual vitamin D from the sun. Get in a nice workout at your own pace in our modern fitness center. Play games with neighbors and friends too. And better than a vacation, our resort-inspired amenities are here for you every day all year long! If you took a cruise vacation, you might want to take a class or enjoy an activity. You can do that in our 62+ apartment community all year long as well! Our free events and classes are very unique and very rewarding. Isn’t it time you made NoHo Senior Arts Colony your personal bit of paradise?! Apply today!