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Inspiration spotlight: What is an EGOT? - NOHO Senior Arts Colony News


Inspiration spotlight: What is an EGOT?

February 12th, 2023

EGOT NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apts 2023

You may have heard the term EGOT before and weren’t sure what it meant. It’s actually a pretty big deal in the entertainment industry. To get EGOT status, an actor must have earned an Emmy for a tv or movie performance, a Grammy for a music or audio performance, an Oscar for acting, and a Tony for a Broadway performance. We told you it was a tall order! Only a few people have attained EGOT status. Recently actress Viola Davis won at the 2023 Grammy Awards and is now an official EGOT. Other impressive EGOT members include Audrey Hepburn, Rita Moreno, John Legend, and Whoopi Goldberg. At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we are so inspired by their versatility, determination, and longevity in the entertainment industry. They show us that we can all have and nurture many talents and pursue areas out of our comfort zones to discover even more creativity with us. Congrats Viola! We love your work.