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Why watercolor? Learn more about this beautiful art form

July 27th, 2020

Paul Klee. Georgia O’Keeffe. Edward Hopper. And so many other notable artists have embraced watercolors to express themselves. Watercolor offers a unique combination of beautiful saturation, brilliant luminosity, and delicate blending to celebrate color and light. It’s a medium where you can work quickly once you get used to it. The clean-up couldn’t be easier compared to oil or acrylic paint. There are no fumes and it’s not toxic. It dries immediately so there’s no waiting around forever as with oil paintings. Watercolors are created on special watercolor paper. There are different weights and types and you’ll get a feel for which kind you prefer. However, it’s important to be very delicate with your watercolor brushes. You’ll need them to keep their shape, especially when working on crisp lines and details. With watercolor painting, it’s almost like chess. By that we mean you’ll be planning the layers (or moves) ahead of time so it does require a bit more thought, but the results are worth it. Learn more about watercolor techniques.

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