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What’s the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian?

January 5th, 2022

It can be confusing at times. Just what exactly are a vegan and a vegetarian? We’ve got the answers for you in case you’re thinking of changing your diet. Many people do change their diets for health, allergies, religious reasons, economic reasons, you name it. But let’s break it down. According to Harvard, vegetarians are people who do not eat meat, poultry, or seafood. Some take it further and do not eat any dairy products or eggs. A vegan is someone who strictly eats no meat, dairy, or anything made from animals. It’s about animals and having a healthier planet. Here are tips and vegan recipes from PETA to give you more information about becoming a vegan. Whether you are thinking of becoming a vegetarian or a vegan, it’s always best to check with your chosen doctor to determine what will work best for you. At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we support everyone looking to make their lifestyle healthier. Let us know how we can help!