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What is your legacy?

May 20th, 2022

craft wood pieces tree design NoHo Senior Arts Colony

More and more purpose and legacy are words becoming more popular and meaningful today. Our legacies are gifts that our families, friends, and colleagues are often inspired by for years and generations to come. But what is YOUR legacy? It’s a big question. Legacies do not have to be fancy, famous, tied to material things, or financial accomplishments. Legacies can be about what makes you YOU and what you have left to the world. Tiny Buddha and Craig Goldblatt have some food for thought regarding this subject. And like many things in life, now’s a great time to discover a new purpose or nurture an existing one. The point is to find something you’re passionate about and honor it through action. It could be volunteer work, being the best grandparent or auntie, researching your family tree, and the list goes on and on. At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, our atmosphere and free classes are inspiring and inclusive. We’re here to support you in whatever your legacy is. Let’s create it together!