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What is Friendsgiving? - NOHO Senior Arts Colony News


What is Friendsgiving?

November 18th, 2022

seniors making a toast noho senior arts colony 2022

You may have heard the word Friendsgiving but what the heck is it? Rumor has it that it was first started on the popular 1990s TV show ‘Friends.’ Basically, it’s a way to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and neighbors. Many people choose to celebrate Thanksgiving Day only with family, but Friendsgiving is more open-ended and can take place before or after the official turkey day. It’s casual and fun. Plus, it’s another chance to savor some delicious holiday food together and create new memories. The menu can be traditional, like a potluck, or have more variety. Eating well and Delish have some fun recipe ideas to make your Friendsgiving extra delicious. Just make sure to invite us at NoHo Senior Arts Colony!