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Warm & fuzzy ways to stay warmer this winter

January 2nd, 2022

Even though we’re in Southern California, it gets darn chilly here during the winter months and at night. Staying warm is important — at home and outdoors. To stay extra cozy at home, be sure to use adjust your thermostat in your spacious residence at NoHo Senior Arts Colony. Electric blankets and microwavable heating pads are awesome too. Another way we love to stay warm is to cuddle with a pet. They’ll love it too! A fresh cup of coffee or tea is also an easy way to warm up quickly. Be sure to watch the caffeine after lunch though. There are lots of delicious herbal teas that can do the trick. Another simple trick is to layer clothes and wear thick socks. Before venturing outside, check the weather so you can wear a decent jacket, scarf, and/or beanie to stay warmer. CNN has some more tips to keep you nice and cozy.