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Unique to NoHo Senior Arts Colony: The EngAGE program

June 30th, 2021

Learning new and exciting things is always a good thing. It helps keep our brains sharp and gives us a chance to try something different as well as create new friendships with your fellow NoHo Senior Arts Colony neighbors. Our community is very special. You’ll never be bored here. That’s because of our fantastic EnAGE program. It is a whole-person approach to a wide variety of subjects and activities. The best part is that they are free when you live here! Now that is an incredible amenity to enjoy anytime. The EnAGE classes and activities are taught by college-level instructors that really know and love their subjects. When someone really loves what they’re teaching about, classes are so much more fun and learning is much more meaningful. They are also taught in a semester system which will help you plan your schedule. Join us in North Hollywood for the active, independent, and carefree life you’ve always wanted! Our apartments have sophisticated finishes and fixtures as well as convenient features. Give us a call today at 1-855-399-5381 to learn more.