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The importance of getting enough sleep

September 15th, 2020

More than ever, getting enough sleep is important. Our need for sleep changes as we get older. It helps our bodies get ready to take on the day. It helps our metabolism be better. It also helps our overall wellbeing. You that grumpy feeling in the morning when you don’t get enough sleep? Here are some tips to help keep sleep help you stay energized and healthier. Create a schedule. Our bodies naturally like schedules and respond to them very well. Try going to bed and getting up the same time every night. Another big deal is to watch your overall caffeine intake. It’s recommended to stop drinking caffeine at least 8 hours before bedtime. Even so-called de-caf drink still have caffeine in them. So, make sure to check the labels. Naps during the nap are good. We love a good nap in the afternoon. They should only last for about 20 minutes. Too long of a nap may take away from your ability to fall asleep at bedtime. Another tip is to make sure the bedroom is only for sleep, and not watching tv, eating, using or checking your cell phone. If you can, try to establish a routine an hour before bedtime to put your phone on silent and turn the tv off. Yes, that can take getting used to but it’s worth it. This will help quiet your mind and ease into slumber a bit easier. If you can’t fall asleep, go to a different room and do something quite such as meditation, listening to mellow music, or light reading. Always check with your doctor to make sure your sleep regimen is right for you.

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