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The best of both worlds: Plein Air Painting

April 27th, 2021

Do you love the outdoors and being creative? Then we’ve got the perfect activity for you! Have you tried Plein air painting? Plein air painting is painting nature in the daylight in the outdoors. It’s about catching beautiful natural scenes where they actually are. This gives a unique authenticity, richness of color, and textures to the art itself. It provides an extremely satisfying painting experience for the artist because of a real connection to the actual scenery. Everyone loves fresh air, soothing breezes, and the sun on their faces. Since we’re in beautiful Southern California with its friendly year-round weather, there are endless places to try Plein air painting from the beach to the foothills, to the desert, and everywhere in between. When you live at NoHo Senior Arts Colony, So Cal is your biggest muse. There are many places to capture that feeling of tranquility. Virtual Academy and Outdoor Painter have really information to get you started, give your tips from the experts, and get you on your way!