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Summer plans? We’ve got some ideas!

May 7th, 2022

senior couple parachute landing noho senior arts colony

Can you believe it’s almost summer?! Now that things are opening up more, it’s time to have the best summer ever. Not sure what you’d like to do? We’ve got some ideas. Traveling and taking a vacation are always popular favorites this time of year. Perhaps think of a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but never have. Maybe you could take a trip to honor your genealogy and get to know the places in the world where your ancestors are from. Or even vacation here in the states visiting with the grandkids is just as meaningful. Another idea is to come up with a bucket list of activities you’ve always wanted to do and places you’ve wanted to visit. Examples would be taking a hot air balloon ride, learning a new language or skill, or maybe it’s visiting every museum in Southern California. The possibilities are endless. Start brainstorming and one idea will lead to another. Ponly and Developing Good Habits also have some ideas to make summer even more fun. And remember right here at home at NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we’ve got resort-inspired amenities to make each day refreshing and fun.