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Right-size at NoHo Senior Arts Colony - NOHO Senior Arts Colony News


Right-size at NoHo Senior Arts Colony

February 12th, 2023

art classroom NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

You are a force of nature. Nothing should hold you back from being fully engaged in life. Have you thought of right-sizing? If you are an active adult and own a home, you know how much time it takes to maintain it. Everything from taking care of the yard to fixing all the little things around the house. It all adds up and can be exhausting. Rightsizing is a way to free yourself from all those time-consuming chores and the emotional clutter. When you move into a sophisticated apartment at NoHo Senior Arts Colony, you won’t have to do any repairs or those chores again. We’ll do it all so you have more time to pursue your passions, spend time with your family and friends, and continue to learn and grow as a person. Our wide range of amenities and free onsite classes and activities will complement your life in so many ways. We’d love to chat with you more about the benefits of rightsizing and how our community will help you discover a more fulfilling life every day right here in North Hollywood, CA. Call us at 855 399-5381.