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Mosaic art: piecing it all together

August 6th, 2022

mosaic art NoHo Senior Arts Colony august 2022

Do you know that saying that it’s not a party until something’s broken? Well, that’s what mosaic art is all about. Since ancient times, mosaic art has been an enduring beautiful artform that takes many little pieces of tile placed together to form a bigger picture. It can be more formal in scope or more random in modern art pieces. And it’s not limited to tile. Glass, beads, pebbles, stones, seashells, and more are just some of the possibilities. We found a great link with tons of mosaic project inspiration. So the next time you accidentally break a ceramic dish, you could use it to create new art and give it continued life! At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, inspiration is everywhere you look. Move in and join us. Let’s chat!