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Love art? Get a degree in Art History

February 2nd, 2021

There’s always more to learn about the world — especially those subjects that you have a passion for. Take art history. It’s an endlessly fascinating subject. So many different styles, influences, and historical significance. Whether you like ancient art, pop art, the impressionists, Bauhaus, or everything in between, there’s so much to dive into. Getting a degree in art history would be a very rewarding journey. UCLA extension, USC, Cal State University Los Angeles, and even Sotheby’s have Art History degree programs. Many have online degree courses. Don’t want to get a degree but just want to experience the enjoyment of learning? No problem! You can also enjoy many, many art history lectures for free on youtube given by acclaimed professors and acclaimed institutes of higher learning. Just search for art history lectures. Gotta love the ease and convenience of the internet!