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Listen up: The wide world of podcasts

June 26th, 2020

Never heard of podcasts? No worries. We’ll bring you up to speed. Podcasts are programs you can listen to on-demand on a wide variety of subjects. Some are audio only and some include audio and video. Millions of people listen to podcasts and they are here to stay. You can conveniently listen to them on your computer or on your phone when you choose. Their popularity is increasing every year. Whatever subject you are interested in, there’s an interesting podcast for it. Whether it’s sports, true crime, current affairs, history, philosophy, travel, cooking, science, movies, tv shows, there’s something for everyone to nurture their curiosity and learn more. Many celebrities have podcasts as well. Even some unknown folks who started podcasts are now famous. Many next year at this time, you could be hosting your very own podcast!

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