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Life in progress: Is going back to school for you

July 19th, 2022

senior back to school NoHo Senior Arts Colony 2022

Lifelong learning is important to keep our minds fresh and maintain our curiosity about the world. It’s part of our daily lives. But are you looking for a deeper dive? Then going back to school may be for you. Let’s look at the advantages for seniors going back to school. There are plenty of extension courses run by acclaimed universities and colleges such as UCLA to give you a taste of more structured learning. In addition, many college courses are taught online, which makes things even more convenient. Community colleges are also a convenient way to pursue learning something new, and the cost is economical. They have a variety of programs and AA degree paths to help you reach new heights in learning achievement. Pursuing more education is a popular way to achieve more purpose in life due to the structure and goal-oriented focus. Whichever path you decide, lifelong learning is always a smart way to go. NoHo Senior Arts Colony also has a variety of free classes with our EngAGE program too taught right here. So be sure to see what interests you!