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It’s Pageant of the Masters & Sawdust Festival time

July 13th, 2021

Southern California is truly an artist’s paradise. Laguna Beach in Orange County has been a big player in the art scene for generations. Two big events have come back to thrill and inspire us and we’re so happy to have them return. The prestigious Pageant of the Masters is an incredible way to see art masterpieces brought to actual life. Famous paintings are recreated and revealed with actual people, authentic costuming, scenes, and the overall feel of the artist’s work. It’s a larger-than-life way to experience these incredible works of art. For a more laid-back and casual art experience, the Sawdust Festival is a relaxed atmosphere that showcases local Laguna Beach Artists of all mediums. You’ll find ceramics, glassworking, metalworking, painting, drawing, photography, jewelry, clothing, and so much more. This event is an easy way to get one on one with the artists and discuss their inspirations. It’s also the perfect place to do some early holiday shopping or get something for yourself to take back to NoHo Senior Arts Colony. Enjoy the coastal breezes and be sure to check out all the tasty waterfront dining in Laguna Beach.