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It’s Gemini season. Learn more about this astrological sign.

June 2nd, 2022

hand and hand water reflection NoHo Senior Arts Colony

Astrology is a fun way to learn more about your personality. So many of us check our daily horoscopes just for fun. June is Gemini time so let’s find out more about this sign. It’s been said that Geminis are “two-faced,” but what Geminis actually are is a perfect balance of extrovert and introvert. They are often social and gregarious but also like time to themselves to recalibrate and do some soul searching. Geminis are often very smart, expressive, creative, playful, and adventurous. They need a variety of stimulation to keep their curious and active minds going. Loyalty and adaptable, Geminis are good friends and able to roll with the spontaneity of life’s twists and turns. What to know about your astrology sign? Go to At NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we love all the signs. It’s variety that makes life more interesting!