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Instant bliss: Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting episodes are online

May 16th, 2020

If you haven’t heard of Bob Ross, you’re in for a big treat! He is the celebrated painting teacher with the big hair from public television. His creations are beautiful and his voice and teaching is simple and easy to follow. Now on Bob Ross’s YouTube page, all 31 seasons of his incredible show The Joy of Painting are free to watch. That’s almost 403 episodes of painting goodness. He paints nature scenes which are relaxing and good for beginners to try. He’ll teach you how to blend colors, painting fluffy clouds, tranquil lakes, and flourishing trees. Bob’s voice is so relaxing that some of his episodes are now on the Calm mediation app! You’d never know that before he started painting, Bob Ross was an actual drill sergeant in the military! It’s true! Go onto youtube and take a peek and discover Bob’s charisma and your creativity today!

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