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In bloom: Spring décor inspiration

March 5th, 2021

With fresh breezes, flowers blossoming, and new green leaves on trees, Spring is on its way. This is a wonderful time to add some Spring-inspired seasonal décor to your beautiful residence at NoHo Senior Arts Colony. Yellow and gray are the Pantone colors of the year. Adding a pop of yellow is easy with fresh daffodils, sunflowers, water lilies, begonias, and the list goes on and on. Add a gray vase and you’re perfectly in fashion! Earthy materials are also in Spring interior décor fashion. Anything made of wood, rattan, bamboo, or stone is perfect. Even better are items made from reclaimed or repurposed materials. Bright whites and pastels are also classic and easy. Shabby chic is here to stay. Light colors help create a relaxing atmosphere that exudes happiness. Another big trend in the new normal is bookcases. They are in every zoom meeting background on tv! Simple bookshelves are also perfect places to display things that remind you of spring whether that be a collectible baseball, a vintage watering can, a few favorite books, and small figurines. For endless ideas on décor and everything else, try Pinterest! It’s easy to set up a free account and start saving all of your creative ideas on your very own online inspiration boards.