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Healthier snacks instead of carbs

July 17th, 2020

There’s nothing like a good snack. Most of the store-bought snacks are full of carbs and can leave us feeling sleepy and sluggish. So what low-carb snacks are out there that taste good and will keep us energized? Glad you asked! Apple slices and cheese are the perfect combo of sweet and salty. Avocados, besides being creamy and delicious, are the good kind of fat and a small one is a perfect snack. Plain Greek yogurt and cucumber slices is a very refreshing and healthy snack that has the protein you need to keep the zip in your step. Another twist on that is cottage cheese with fruit. Again, it’s protein and a bit of sweetness and fiber from the fruit. Another classic snack is a hardboiled egg. Add a little salt and pepper, and you’ve got a yummy snack anytime. Hummus and veggie slices are another way to enjoy flavorful snacking without all of the guilt. Snacknation has some more delicious ideas too.

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