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Heal The Bay’s So Cal Beach Report

July 1st, 2021

We love Heal The Bay. This awesome non-profit has been the mindful stewards of our local beaches and all local things water-related for years. Their crew of volunteers has been mobilizing to personally clean our coastline and waterways and advocate for clean water. Their recent Heal The Bay Report Card is out. “The good news is California beaches had excellent water quality in summer 2020. 93% of the California beaches monitored by Heal the Bay received an A or B grade, which is on par with the five-year average.” The Report Card has an honor list and a bummer list.

Here’s the L.A. County Honors List:

Royal Palms State Beach
Leo Carrillo Beach, at Arroyo Sequit Creek
Puerco State Beach at creek mouth
Las Flores State Beach, at Las Flores Creek
Broad Beach, at Trancas Creek
Escondido State Beach at Escondido Creek
Nicholas Beach, at San Nicholas Canyon Creek

The OC Honors List
Newport Bay, Promontory Point
Crystal Cove
Newport Beach, at Orange Street
Newport Beach, at 52nd/53rd Street
Balboa Beach Pier
Balboa Beach, The Wedge
1000 Steps Beach, at 9th St.
North Aliso County Beach
Treasure Island Beach