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Green it up: houseplants are the perfect touch

January 28th, 2021

A little sunlight, a little water, and a little love. That’s pretty much all you need to take care of houseplants. They add a nice pop of color and make rooms feel welcoming and oh so nice. Plus, they give off oxygen — a bonus. There are so many houseplants to choose from as well including herbs you can use for cooking. Spider plants, African violets, cactus, begonias, and many, many more are wonderful house plants and fairly low-maintenance. Plants are so popular these days that they have become the must-have, trendy accessory for Zoom video meetings. But you don’t have to do a bunch of Zoom meetings to enjoy having plants around your apartment at NoHo Senior Arts Colony. Having them around is an easy way to make your space more alive. One last thing — if you’ve got a pet(s), make sure check with your veterinarian which house plants are safe to include in your residence. There are many options for plants that are safe to have around pets. So, go ahead, get some houseplants today. It’s easy being green.