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Gray is leading the way. Why younger people are embracing going gray.

March 22nd, 2022

smilng women with gray hair NoHo Senior Arts Colony

More and more gray hair is trending. We always knew being a silver fox was extra foxy. But now the world and more women are embarking upon their “gray journey” and stopping dying their hair. Shorter hair styles are even coming back for all ages as people are trimming off the dyed parts and letting their gray hair and edgy new style take center stage. Here’s to letting the gray flag fly! Stopping dying hair has real benefits. Your hair will be in better condition so it will hold moisture better. Your hair will be shinier. You’ll also save money and time. Going to the salon and getting it dyed and roots covered up can be expensive. Young people are even dying their hair all shades of gray. There are so many shades of gorgeous gray, it’s no wonder they are inspired. It’s no wonder they envy our look! You won’t even have to pay a dime. Isn’t that great?! Also, non-dyed hair dries faster too. Even when you towel dry it. The point is for everyone to be comfortable in their own authentic skin (and hair) in this case. So let your gray hair be the star it was meant to be. You’ll always be a shining silver star to us at NoHo Senior Arts Colony.