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Easy breezy lemon squeezy: Cleaning tips

February 19th, 2021

When everything is clean and fresh, it’s a good feeling. Spring is on its way, so we found some handy dandy spring cleaning tips/hacks for you to usher in this season of renewal whether you love cleaning or not so much. Buzzfeed has some great ones including we wish we had thought of for cleaning microwaves easily, ceiling fan blades, dusty buildup, and how to get off those pesky hard water stains. DeliberatelyHere also has some clever ideas to get your residence in ship shape order such as how to keep the shine on stainless steel appliances, how to condition leather furniture, getting rid of odors, getting organized, and lots of other solid ideas. Another good idea, in general, is to declutter. One aspect of it is to go through your closet and if you haven’t worn the item in a couple of years, it’s probably one you donate. Or go through your closet and determine if you really love that item. If you don’t, it’s another perfect item to donate. Happy cleaning and organizing! It’s work but feels and looks so nice when you’re done.