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Do you have to be an artist to be creative?

February 27th, 2021

The word creative may seem to have a pre-conceived amount of connotations. Being an artist or writer perhaps. But we’re here to tell you that creativity is about so much more. Everyone has the ability to be creative. Creativity is much more than visual dexterity; it’s the way we problem solve situations, discover new ideas, and navigate through daily life. If you are open to new ideas, you’re a creative person. If you are a very motivated or positive person, that’s also creativity at work within you. The thing that unites creativity is the willingness to try new things. To enjoy a sense of play in the process. The kind of unbridled joy you experienced as a child when you would play. It also involves time to rest and let ideas simmer. This is where mindfulness such as meditation comes into the mix. Creativity also is a productive coping mechanism when dealing with grief, trauma, relationships, work, and everything else. So, remember that everyone is creative in many ways. Here at NoHo Senior Arts Colony, we’ve got amenities and free classes to help you with traditional forms of creativity and more.