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Carefree is the way to be at NoHo Senior Arts Colony

May 17th, 2022

noho senior arts colony exterior 2022

Our independent senior apartment community has been designed to offer active seniors a truly carefree lifestyle. With no yard work or house maintenance to do, you’ll have way more time to enjoy life more with the NoHo Senior Arts Colony luxurious amenities and pursue new interests. Here are some other ways you can be even more carefree and let go. Say goodbye to trying to be perfect! Leaning into the ebb and flow of our imperfections is pretty great. It takes the pressure off for more true enjoyment of learning new skills. Be open to learning as opposed to achieving an A+ in everything. There’s real freedom in that. Speaking of skills, relaxing is an important one for a carefree lifestyle. It’s an important part of maintaining well-being and resilience. Take time to decompress. Do nothing and feel good about it. The whole idea of being carefree is to be nicer to yourself, allow for imperfections, and achieve a nice balance between being active and relaxing. Our beautiful community is the ideal place to put all these ideas into practice. Apply today!