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An American vision for decades: documentaries by Ken Burns

March 3rd, 2021

For over three decades, filmmaker Ken Burns has been capturing the American spirit and history like no one else can on PBS. Acclaimed and insightful, Burns’ documentaries tell the uniquely American stories that comprise our nation. Beautifully edited and written, his documentaries give the viewers a real sense of time, place, and emotion. He’s covered everything from the dust bowl, the history of baseball, The Civil War, Jackie Robinson, The Vietnam War, The Roosevelts, America’s national parks, prohibition, history of country music. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, jazz music history, Lewis and Clark’s expedition. The West, Congress, Thomas Jefferson, and countless other American stories. Once you watch one, you’ll get hooked. You’ll always learn something new in them; he leaves nothing out. His tender attention to detail is one of his best traits. Burns is one of America’s best documentary filmmakers for today, tomorrow, and the future.