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ACT NATURALLY: The Road Theatre Company at NoHo Senior Arts Colony

November 15th, 2022

NoHo senior arts colony performance theatre 2022

You know we love art here, but did you know we’ve got a real performance theatre? How many active adult communities can claim that?! Wait, it gets even better! It’s professionally managed by the acclaimed The Road Theatre Company, which was founded in 1991. This renowned theatre company has been putting on original dramatic productions for years. At The Road at Magnolia, original works from established and up-and-coming talents are featured. There’s no substitute for live theatre. It just touches the soul. Plus, it makes for an easy date night because it’s within our community. Residents have the opportunity to participate in education programs relating to the theatre as well. If you’re an aspiring actor or playwright or just curious what it’s all about, it’s convenient and perfect for you.