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Working from home tips

May 2nd, 2020

The world has really changed in the last few months. Many of you are working from home or are about to work from home. Here are some tips to make this new normal a bit easier to manage. Together we’ll get through this! It’s really important to get dressed, do your hair, and regular grooming just like you are going to the office. It helps to put us in the work mindset. Also, if you have to attend any video conferencing meetings, you’ll all ready and looking great! Keeping defined hours can help you also separate your work time from your non-work time. Set up a designated area as your workspace. It’s easy to get distracted working from home. Make a desk/set up for work only. This will help you focus better. Plus it’s a chance to make it reflect your style. It shouldn’t look like a cubicle or standard workspace. This is YOUR space to make as stylish as you are. Get some new accessories to make your workspace work for you. It’s important to take stretching breaks and keep a regular lunch hour. Remember we talked about sticking to a routine? This is a big part of it. Also, and this may be tough, but it’s important to stay off social media or listen to the news. Don’t worry. It will be there when you are done working for the day. But the good news is that you can play music or listen to a podcast to keep your day moving along nicely. More good news is that much of our work tasks today can be conducted and sent digitally. Make sure you have wi-fi set up to make it as easy as possible. And the most important this is don’t do work on your days off: have a life!

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