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What style era inspires your decor?

September 4th, 2020

Iconic has several meanings. Iconic inspiration for home décor can be found throughout the decades. Each decades has a distinct look and key elements. You can use yesterday’s inspiration to fit today’s style with a few signature items. If you love art deco, the look of the 1920s and 30s is for you. Key design elements include geometric linear designs, use of black and gold or soft pastels. Think The Great Gatsby. Mid Century Modern is a popular style and has had a resurgence over the last 20 years. The 1950-60s were inspired by the space race and post-war optimism. It’s a happy style with lots of dynamic shapes of furniture and a smart color palette of teals, oranges, crisp white, and yellow greens. Think the tv show MAD MEN. The 1970s had a real earthy, handmade feel to its style. Today they call this look “naturally modern” and naturally modern style can be found at all places you buy furniture and accessories. It’s a style that here to stay. Major elements from this look include lots of indoor plants, wood, nature scenes, anything macramé, the colors orange, rust, and deep brown. Whichever style inspires you, it’s fun to find the perfect items to bring that iconic design decade to life into the 21st century at your spacious residence at NoHo Senior Arts Colony.

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