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The next best thing: Online Walking Tours of Ireland

March 9th, 2021

Seeing the world up close and personal is the best. Walking the streets, squares, and coastlines is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Since St. Patrick’s Day is in March, we thought some online walking tours are the next best thing to actually traveling to Ireland. Youtube has some incredible walking tours of practically everywhere in the world. Just type in “walking tours” and the city/ country you’re interested in the search box. Some have ads. Just click ‘skip ads’ in the lower right corner and you’ll be good to go. We found some in Ireland to enjoy. Explore Dublin, and Kilkenny. World-renowned travel expert Rick Steves had been everywhere including Ireland. Rick Steves’ Europe also has a great episode on Western Ireland too. For truly breathtaking viewing of the Irish landscape that’s inspired poets for centuries, check out this very relaxing drone tour of Ireland. It’s very well done with soft music. The perfect getaway without getting away! Enjoy!