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Gesundheit! Allergy season tips

March 28th, 2022

flowers and pollen NoHo Senior Arts Colony

Springtime is allergy time. There’s no avoiding it. A change of seasons is often a catalyst for sniffles and sneezes. Hay fever or other related allergies are common. We’ve found some allergy tips from Yale to help you survive and thrive as the flowers bloom. One thing that is common sense is to make sure your residence is free as possible from dust. So, doing regular vacuuming and cleaning will help a lot. Some folks find air purifiers can help too. But allergies are not limited to Springtime. People are allergic to many things besides pollen. They include pet dander, latex, some medicines, some spices, and foods. You’d be surprised. Set up an appointment with your doctor to take an allergy test and find out what is really giving you the sniffles. You’ll be glad you did. We want you to be at your healthiest and happiest at NoHo Senior Arts Colony to make the most of your carefree and independent life!