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Forever summer spotlight: Huntington Beach

August 20th, 2021

Living in Southern California definitely has its perks. One of the biggest ones is our summer all-year-round climate. That’s why we chose North Hollywood for NoHo Senior Arts Colony. There are some more favorite places that embody this summer spirit to check out. Huntington Beach, otherwise known as Surf City, continues to offer the quintessential Southern California beach vibe. The HB Pier is a popular favorite. It’s romantic, scenic, and those ocean breezes make the schlep to Orange County so worth it. There are all kinds of restaurants, spas, and shopping near there too to make a day or night of it. So grab your sunglasses, hit the road, and treat yourself to a day trip to Huntington Beach today! Other awesome OC places to visit are Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. Add them to your must-see list.