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Artist spotlight: Yayoi Kusama - NOHO Senior Arts Colony News


Artist spotlight: Yayoi Kusama

January 7th, 2023

polka dots noho seniors art colony apts 2023

Even at age 93, there’s no slowing down Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. You know her work from her long-standing and signature use of pop-art inspired polka dots. Her contemporary art continues to be timeless and is seen by new audiences in pop-up experiences at major museums, editorial fashion shoots in major magazines, and so much more. Eclectic, colorful, and prolific, her work is a  huge part of the art scene. She started painting when she was a child, and it flourished from there. Without years and years of formal training, Kusama’s work is proof that art and inspiration can be instinctual, and that hard work pays off. Her installation art rooms, painted pumpkins, video art pieces, colored light pieces, and the list goes on and on, continue to captivate us all. She even writes poetry! At NoHo Senior Arts Colony we’ve always believed that creativity does not retire or subside; it continues and thrives.